CHRISRINE Reference Pre Amplifier


Christine Reference Preamplifier



Finally, experience the illusion of space with detail, midrange and a solid holographic image. Hear the speed and bottom end grip with slam on the music. The Christine Reference Preamplifier from Merrill Audio is the finest preamplifier to date. It delivers a superb, musically engaging presentation—fully engaging, never, ever, fatiguing. The Christine Reference Preamplifier will make you sit up in your chair in wonder and realism.

The Christine Reference Pre-amplifier is built with the finest components and attention to every detail like no other. Hand routed PCB layout of each trace, the placement of the trace, the length of the trace, the multistage power supplies, the selection and matching of the finest components, balanced configuration, isolation of power, all hand soldered connections, Silver plated pure copper wire with Teflon sleeving are only some of the engineering that make the Christine Reference Preamplifier so special. Each unit is hand built and tested from the board level up to the finished unit. An external AC/DC power supply unit ensures very quiet operations. This multistage Kratos power supply is so good, that power cords do not make a difference and the unit is impervious to noise on the AC line.

  • Dual Independent Outputs
  • 4 Inputs with independent preset gain to normalize all input volumes
  • Maximum and minimum volume setting for protection and convenience
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Delayable automatic display turn off
  • Absolute polarity settings
  • Remote control for ease of control and stored settings
  • Non-volatile memory to save settings when power is removed
  • Factory Reset capable
  • Large 1.25 inch white LED 8×8 matrix display for easy reading
  • Auto shutoff when power failure is detected or turned off
  • Isoacoustics GAIA III footers
Input Voltage max:+/- 10V
Output Voltage max:+/- 12V
Frequency Response:800kHz 0.1db, 1.5MHz -3db
Inputs:4 balanced with individual gain presets
Outputs:2 balanced with individual level presets
Volume range:-84db to +26db in 0.5dB steps (0 to +115)
Input Preset Gain Range:+/- 12dB
Output Preset Range:0 to 115dB
Preset Max volume level:0 to 115dB
Preset Min Volume level:0 to 115dB
Display Brightness settings:1 to 9, and off
Display delay dim time range:5 sec to 25 sec
Display Size:1.25″ high x 6″ wide, blue LED dot matrix
Remote Trigger:12V, 20mA
Other:Permanently saved settings
Double-fused external power supply
Remote Control
  • Merrill Audio Christine Reference Stereo Preamplifier

    “…its sound quality places it within the category of the best preamplifiers available.”

  • The Merrill Christine Pre and Jens Phono

    “The Christine Reference Preamplifier belongs on the ledger with the $40,000 Robert Koda K-10 for delivering a neutral presentation in every way. It sounds like neither tubes nor solid state, it is merely a conduit for music.

    The Jens’ lack of sonic signature doesn’t really make for exciting audio journalism. Extended listening with a wide range of highly familiar pressings proves highly engaging. A perfect tonal balance, wide dynamic range and weighty presentation gradually increases the gravitational pull of your listening area.

    Combining the Jens with the Christine makes for a dynamic combination. Both share the same ultra wide bandwidth design ethos and provide a very fast, clear and immediate presentation.”

  • Merrill Audio’s Christine Preamplifier

    “…at its price point it’s killer. I can’t think of a competitor that would stand up. I urge you to consider adding it (and the Jens) to your short list for audition.”

  • THE Show Newport Beach 2016

    “The sense of the holographic and authoritative presence of the music was really noteworthy, and I found myself compelled by the musicality and soundstaging of the system.”

  • T.H.E. Show Newport 2016 Report

    “A completely holographic soundscape. i’m not taking just your normal nice imaging, we’re getting into the aural equivalent of virtual reality here folks!”

  • T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

    “Merrill Audio’s Christine reference wide band preamplifier.”