Cara Preamplifier


CARA Preamplifier



The Cara preamplifier is perfect for audiophiles looking for a quiet, fast pre-amplifier with multiple inputs and 4 channel outputs. This allows a biamped system or a speaker/sub combination to be control by the Cara Pre-amplifier. With a balance input and balanced output line drivers, the noise rejection on the inputs and outputs are very high and perfect for low noise systems.

Built in a steel chassis for EMI/RFI protection, the Cara pre-amplifier will bring music details out, to deliver a greater musical experience.

Pre-amplification is sometimes necessary when there is more than one source and when more than 1 output is necessary. Analog volume controls are much nicer than digital attenuation, with analog giving more details and longer decay. High attenuation capability allows the handling of high output devices like DAC and low output devices phono pre-amplifiers with moving coil cartridge. A low noise floor helps provide great music insight and better presentation.

The Cara Pre-amplifier has dual outputs with independent relative volume setting, 4 inputs to select from, an analog volume control that goes from -99db to +15db in 0.5 db steps with a 10V operating headroom with a very low noise floor. This makes Cara an exceptional pre-amplifier with wide operational capability. Play your music with any source component and still get the best out of your whole stereo system.

  • 2 pairs of outputs (4 channels)
  • Each output channel can be set to independent relative volume levels
  • Remote Control with mute, on/off for remote trigger (12V, 20mA),
  • Cardas XLR inputs, gold-plated chassis with rhodium plate metal body, teflon insulation and silver pins
  • External power supply with double fused inlet
  • Large LED display with -99 to +15db control in 0.5 db steps
  • Optional Isoacoustics GAIA III footers
  • Optional Synergistic fuses (2 required)
Input Voltage:+/- 10V
Output Voltage:+/- 12V
Frequency Response:8Hz to 200kHz 0.1dB
Inputs:4 inputs with individual gain presets
Outputs:2 outputs with individual level presets
Volume range:-99db to + 15dB (0 to +115)
Input Preset Range:+/- 12dB
Output Preset Range:0 to 115dB
Preset Max volume level:0 to 115dB
Preset Min Volume level:0 to 115 dB
Display Brightness settings:1 to 9, and off
Display delay dim time range:5 sec to 25 sec
Display Size:1.25″ high x 6″ wide, blue LED dot matrix
Remote Trigger:12V
OtherPermanently saved settings
External Power Supply with 110V/240V
Remote Control